Reconciliation & Peace Building
 “Our society in Nothern Ireland has been characterized by profound conflict and those charged with the education of your young people have an important role to play in breaking down barriers of ignorance, misunderstanding and suspicion”.

Building Peace and Reconciliation a document from the Bishops

As an outcome of the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement, discussion commenced to examine the seminal role education could play in the promotion of a culture of tolerance, peace and reconciliation. Alongside this debate the Catholic Bishops of Northern Ireland established a group to examine what further contribution the Catholic schools could make in promoting a culture of tolerance and reconciliation. In 2001, the Northern Bishops issued a practical response to promoting a culture of tolerance through education: 'Building Peace Shaping the Future'.

Creating a Climate of Openness
The promotion of the philosophy within the Catholic education tradition of the common good is intrinsic to Catholic schools. Catholic schools are open to children of all faith traditions, and this is evident in a growing number of schools across Northern Ireland. In such cases, where people of other faiths have chosen a Catholic education, the school seeks to accommodate the needs of those pupils. The Catholic School is also open to working in partnership with other schools in its surrounding area on a range of initiatives and programmes for young people.

Encouraging Young People to Play a Full Part in a Just and Equitable Society
The Catholic school aims to bring about a greater understanding towards peace and reconciliation within society in Northern Ireland, whilst being aware of the sensitivities that have created the traditional divisions. The school sees that it has a key role to play in encouraging young people to play a full part in a just an equitable society, in partnership between the home, parish and neighbourhood.