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                                                        TEACHING AWARDS WINNER 2007.

St Brigid’s P.S. Mayogall is a rural school 6 miles from Magherafelt.  The school, which is oversubscribed, serves the Parish of Lavey.  There is a strong culture of Staff Development in the school that has resulted in a number of awards both for the school and for individuals in the school community.

Anne Hegarty, National Award Winner,Teaching Assistant of the Year
In 2007, St Brigid’s P.S. had two Northern Ireland winners in the Teaching awards.  Antoin Moran received the award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year and Anne Hegarty received the award for Teaching Assistant of the year.

Both winners travelled to London for the U.K finals on Sunday 21st October and to our delight Anne received the National award. Anne is a very worthy winner, her work in St. Brigid’s PS and indeed the wider Lavey community has been outstanding.

Anne began working in St Brigid’s as a kitchen assistant 12 years ago. When the principal, Mr Grant, suggested that she train as a classroom assistant, Anne jumped at the chance and completed her NVQ qualifications.  Anne continues to improve on her qualifications portfolio and attends information evenings and seminars that she feels will benefit the Special Needs children in her care. 

Anne has worked with children with very diverse needs including deaf children, autistic children and those with moderate learning difficulties. She always goes above and beyond the call of duty making individualised resources for special needs pupils resources in her care.  Furthermore, Anne builds up a strong relationship with each child and promotes their self-esteem.

As well as her work in the classroom, Anne is a gem in terms of whole school work . In her role as the Senior Lunchtime Supervisor she is noted for teaching traditional games in the playground. Young at heart, Anne and knows all the current pop trends from “Playstation” cheats to which cards pupils are currently collecting.  The children know that they can discuss anything with her and they clamour around Anne to catch up on the latest TV trivia. Anne enjoys watching television reality shows subsequently she can converse with the children about pop culture which escapes so many of us!

Anne is a “Green Warrior”!  She set up the Eco Schools Club and the work that they do in recycling and saving energy has enabled us to win our Green Flag status.  Anne thinks up so many fun ideas for the children from organic picnics to compost making and recycling presents – all the time the children are learning and laughing and loving every minute of it!

Anne is a lady with a big heart – not just for patching up cut knees or a kind word when we are sad, Anne also helps everyone look after their heart.  Whether it be exercising (whilst she makes us run our mile in the 30, 40, 50 club) or teaching us CPR in the Heartstart Club – Anne improves our lives and general well-being.

Being very creative is just another of her many attributes – writing funny poems to celebrate birthdays or retirements.  She writes pantomimes and short plays which she produces with pupils and indeed past pupils for the Scór or the Reádoiri.  Anne has brought drama groups to County, Provincial and indeed All-Ireland standard.  She gives the performers the confidence to go on stage and display their talents whilst she is a bag of nerves behind stage.  Anne loves to see others perform and she coaches children to speak in public – yet at the awards ceremony in London she almost had to be resuscitated after her own acceptance speech!

Anne encourages everyone in school to reach for the stars. A woman of tremendous energy, talent and creativity, her achievements are noteworthy not just in winning a national competition but in all the little things that she does each and every day to make us smile.  Anne believes that hard work can overcome all obstacles and no one works harder than Anne to make St. Brigid’s PS a great place to work in and learn in.


Mrs Mary O'Kane, Principal, and staff members from St. Brigid's celebrate Anne's achievement.