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Celebrating Catholic Education Week 

The theme for Catholic Education Week 2008
"Living Faith Fully"


Catholic Education Week for the Academic Year 2007 - 2008

Week beginning Monday 28th January 2008.

Catholic schools and parishes throughout Northern Ireland are being invited to celebrate the distinctive richness and diversity of Catholic Education by taking part in a series of suggested events and activities over a period of a week.

Resources to assist schools plan for Catholic Education Week 2008.

1.To view and download a prayer for use at the start of class or at assembly during Catholic Education Week click here

2. To view and download a prayer reflection for teachers click here

3. To view and download a liturgical reading suitable for Catholic Education Week click here

4. To view and download the booklet that offers suggestions and ideas for celebrating Catholic Education Week 2008 click here

5. To view and download Liturgical Resources simply click on

All schools have received a copy of a special CD rom produced by the Consultative Group for Catholic Education (CGCE)                         Image
This disc can be used as a resource for supporting the Catholic Education Week, 2008, theme of Living Faith Fully.

The disc contains two versions of a power-point presentation that is suitable for all age groups.

Version 1: Prayer Reflection – Taking My Place is an audio visual presentation that can be used as an assembly or during class prayer time. This can be used in its entirety or in four parts.
   Part 1: Slides 1 - 10
   Part 2: Slides 11 - 15
   Part 3: Slides 16 – 19
   Part 4: Slides 20 – 25
It is recommended that you become familiar with the content and sequence of the power point slides before using with groups

Version 2: Workshop – Taking My Place is designed to facilitate those who would prefer to work through the presentation in short sessions, either as daily assemblies or in the classroom. 
     For example: Session1:  Slides 1 - 10
                         Session 2: Slides 11 - 15
                         Session 3: Slides 16 - 20
                         Session 4: Slides 21 - 25 
 These provide opportunities for class activities.
There is no soundtrack with version 2. This offers the facility for pupils to be involved in the readings  and to select the music that they would like to accompany the slides.

• There is a Word document included with this resource containing a version of Rublev’s icon that can be downloaded for pupils to colour in.


    To view the pdf version of the 2008 Catholic Education Week poster: click here

    To view the pdf slides of the CD prayer service "Taking My Place":click here(Please note that when the document opens you will need to go into the option icon to rotate the page clockwise,then view as normal)

The Importance of Catholic Education Week

Catholic education provides a high quality, value added and gospel lead educational experience for all pupils. Inspired by the Spirit of Christ the Catholic school seeks to ennoble and enrich the human person so that each can develop and fulfil their potential. Catholic Education Week is a time for special focus and celebration of the unique and distinctive ethos of Catholic education. It enables all involved in Catholic education to come together as one clear expression of unity and pride.


The week provides opportunities for all members of the Catholic education community to:

*Celebrate the Vision of Catholic education;

*Highlight the relevance of Catholic education;

*Work in partnership for the promotion of Catholic education;

*Esteem the contribution of Catholic educators;                                

*Reflect on the importance and relevance of Catholic education;

*Reaffirm their mission within the Church;

*Pray for all who inspire, lead , promote and participate in Catholic education;

*Give thanks for Catholic education through the Eucharistic celebration.

Schools  are invited to forward ideas and suggestions that they feel would be useful as resource materials  for Catholic Education Week, 2008 to this website.

             Details of how your school can be involved are to be found by clicking on the menu option

                                                                                     "Join Us"

Click on the menu option "Recent Church Documents" to view current documentation relating to Catholic education.