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Pope Benedict XVI has set aside a special year for Catholics throughout the world to rediscover and share with others the precious gift of faith. 

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Catholic Education Week
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Catholic Education Week
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                                                     Catholic Education Week 2008

                             Celebrating Catholic Education Week - St. Paul's High School, Lurgan

During Catholic Education Week the students of St. Paul's High School, Lurgan will be celebrating and living out the distinctive ethos and values of their school in the following ways:
Special assemblies will take place throughout the week using the CD rom "Taking My Place".

Year 10 pupils will be visiting the pupils of Sierra (a school that caters for pupils with special needs). This visit is an opportunity for both groups of pupils to learn and share friendships with one another.

Year 8 and Year 9 pupils will be visiting the residents of Manor Court Residential Home.

Pupils will be participating in special prayer services at St. Paul's Chapel that focus on the needs of others and special intentions.

Year 9 pupils are going on a visit to the Presbyterian Church on Hill Street, Lurgan to learn about the faith and practice of its members. The pupils willhave the opportunity to interview the Reverend Moore.
The Religious Education department is organising a fund raising event for a water and sanitation project in Gambia.

Pupils will also mark the week by celebrating the life of St. Bernadette. This supports the theme of Catholic Education Week and also commemorates the 150th anniversary of Lourdes.  

                    Celebrating Catholic Education Week - Holy Trinity Primary School, Belfast

This is how we celebrated Catholic Education Week in Holy Trinity P.S. Belfast.
Poster Competition on theme of ‘ Living Faith Fully ‘.
Prizes awarded at KS1 and KS2 assembly.
Prayer for The School was read each day.
Prayer for teachers was said before staff meetings.
Parents were informed about this week and the theme. They helped with the poster competition.
Displayed samples of children’s work in main hall of school.