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Catholic Education Week
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Catholic Education Week
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                                     Catholic Education Week 2007.

Catholic Education week has been organised by the Consultative Group for Catholic Education (CGCE) and will take place between the 26th February and 4th March 2007.  

CGCE have chosen ‘Walk in the Light’ as the theme for the week which aims to engage the entire Catholic education family, school and parish, in a celebration of a gospel led education that integrates faith and life, promotes justice and peace and contributes to the Common Good. 

Catholic Education Week is an integral part of an ongoing process of celebrating Catholic Education. It builds on the success of the ‘Catholic Education – The Vision’ initiative which was launched last September by the Northern Ireland Commission for Catholic Education and which was positively received.

In advance of Catholic Education Week, the CGCE will be sending a resource pack to schools and parishes to facilitate planning. Schools are encouraged to share ideas and events within their local parish and come together in a unified celebration.

Speaking about Catholic Education Week, Bishop Donal McKeown,

Chairperson of CGCE said, 

Catholic Education Week seeks to showcase the confidence and faith which the Catholic school sector has in its ethos and values, the inclusive and diverse nature of our schools and the dynamic approach they have taken in embracing change. 

We are encouraging Catholic schools to take ownwership of the Week by using the resource pack that we have issued and to engage in partnership with the parish and local community to affirm and celebrate Catholic Education.  


Poster with cetails for Catholic Education Week





To download the Catholic  Education Week Booklet click here

To download the Catholic Education Week Poster click here


  St Bronagh's Primary School, Rostrevor.

Staff, pupils and parents from St. Bronagh's Primary School in Rostrevor took time out of their classrooms this week to attend a special Mass to celebrate Catholic Education Week.


Pupils from every age group at the school came together as one to at Star of the Sea Parish Church to share the unique and distinctive contribution Catholic education brings to young people. Local Parish Priest and school chaplain, Father Michael Hackett, officiated.


St. Bronagh's primary school is just one of many schools that marked Catholic Education Week which took place in the week of 26th February - 4th March 2007 in all Dioceses.


Speaking after the celebration. Ms Patricia McGovern, Principal, of St. Bronagh's said,

"We are delighted to be able to share in Catholic Education Week by coming together as a school, a family and as a community to celebrate the distinctive ethos and values of Catholic education. It is this distinct Catholic ethos and values which can be found every day in the hardwork, dedication and achievements of our staff and pupils."