Year of Faith 2012 - 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has set aside a special year for Catholics throughout the world to rediscover and share with others the precious gift of faith. 

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Film Library


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The following film/dvd titles provide viewing opportunities for discussion on:

 moral/ethical issues

personal relationships

life transititions

religious characters

creation and ecology 

prayer and meditation  

                                             Please do recommend film/dvd titles. See contact details


Cry Freedom , (1987) Director: Richard Attenborough

Chariots of Fire [Stick to what you believe],  (1981) Director:Hugh Hudson

City of God, (2003) Directors: Fernando Meirelles, Katia Lund

Elephant Man [Exploitation], (1980) Director: David Lynch

The Mission [Exploitation, forgiveness],  (1986) Director: Roland Joffe

A Man for all Seasons,St Thomas More [Conscience], (1966) Director: Fred Zinneman

Hotel Rwanda, (2004) Director: Terry George

The Pianist [Staying alive] , (2002) Director: Roman Polanski

Schindler's List [Holocaust], (1993) Director: Steven Speilberg

Salvador [Human life],  (1986) Director: Oliver Stone

Saving Private Ryan [War and life],  (1998) Director: Steven Speilberg

Sophie's Choice [Holocaust],  (1982) Director: Alan J. Pakula

Leon [Revenge and murder], (1994) Director: Luc Besson

Rabbit Proof Fence [Racism], (2002) Director: Phillip Noyce

Lord of the Flies [Breakdown of morality], (1990) Director:  Harry Hook (1963) Peter Brook 

A Place for Annie [Children with aids], (1994) Director: John Gray

Lord of the Rings [Good and evil, the temptation of man], (1978) Director: Ralph Baksi

The Crucible, an adaptation of Arthur Millar's play [Self righteousness and religious fanatics], (1996), Director: Nicholas Hyter

Darrow [Darwin] , (1991) Director: John David Coles

Hiroshima [War- nuclear options] , (1995) Director:s:  Koreyoshi Kurahara, Roger Spottiswode

Gattaca [Biotechnics], (1997) Director: Andrew Nicol

Philadelphia [AIDS, victims prejudice], (1993) Director: Jonathan Deene

The Matrix [Parallels themes in St John's gospel], (1999) Directors: Andy Wachowski,Larry Wachowski

Bowling for Columbine [Politics and gun control, causes of poverty and alienation], (2002) Director: Michael Moore



Shawshank Redemption, (1994) Director: Frank Darabout

Babette's Feast [Eucharistic symbolism], (1988) Director: Gabriel Axel

Watership Down [Team leadership], (1978) Director: Martin Rosen

Nicholas' Gift [Family], (1998) Director: Robert Markowitz

Little Man Tate, (1991) Director: Jodie Foster

David and Lisa, (1962) Director: Frank Perry

Stand by Me [Friendship], (1986) Director: Rob Reiner

Rain Man [Family friendship], (1988) Director: Barry Levison

Dances with Wolves [Finding self in nature], (1990) Director: Kevin Costner

Life is beautiful [Not compromising on your convictions or beliefs], (1997) Director: Roberto Benigni

It's A Wonderful Life [Valuing your existence], (1946) Director: Frank Capa



About Schmidt [Growing old], (2002) Director: Alexander Payne

A Beautiful Mind [Fidelity in illness], (2001) Director: Ron Howard

Tuesdays with Morrie [lIlness,the need for purpose in life], (1999) Director: Mick Jackson

Billy Elliot [Identity], (2000) Director: Stephen Daldry

Forest Gump [Mother and child], (1994) Director: Robert Zemeckis

Walkabout [Coming of age], (1971) Director: Nicolas Roeg

What dreams may come [Death and suicide], (1998) Director: Vincent Ward

Whale Rider [Maori Identity], (2002) Director: Niki Caro



Jesus of Nazareth, (1977) Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Jesus of Montreal, (1989) Director: Denys Arcand

Jesus Christ Superstar, (1973) Director: Norman Jewison

The Greatest Story Ever Told, (1965) Director: George Stevens

The Miracle Maker, (2000) Directors: Derek W.Hayes, Stanislas Sokolov

The Passion of the Christ [Adult viewing], (2004) Director: Mel Gibson

The Robe, (1953) Director: Henry Koster

The Ten Commandments, (1956) Director: Cecil B. DeMille

Prince of Egypt, (1998) Directors:  Brenda Chapman, Steven Hickner

Brother Son Sister Moon (St Francis and Clare of Assisi), (1972) Director: Franco Zeffirelli

Ghandi, (1982) Director: Richard Attenborough

The Diary of Anne Frank, (1959) Director: George Stevens

Joan of Arc, (1999) Director: Christian Duguay

Kundun (Dalai Lama), (1997) Director: Martin Scorcese

Romero - Life of Archbishop Oscar Romero, (1989) Director: John Duigan

I Have a Dream- The Life of Martin Luther King, (1986) Director: John Barry

Therese (French language film on the life of St. Theresa), (2003) Director: Leonardo Defilippis

Life of John Paul 11, (1984) Director: Herbert Wise

Kurelek's St Matthew's Passion of Christ, (2005) Director: Philp Earnshaw



The Blue Planet, (2001) Director: Alaster Fothergill

The Bible (In the beginning), (1966) Director: John Huston

The Emerald Forest, (1985) Director: John Boorman

Microcosmos (Miracles of Nature), (1978) Director: Cruz Delgado

Baraka (A blessing), (1992) Director: Ron Fricke



A Guide to Meditation Techniques, (2002) Author: Lucy Knight

Instant Calm,  (1995) Author: Paul Wilson

Yoga for Absolute Beginners, (2001) Author: Susan Fulton