Year of Faith 2012 - 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has set aside a special year for Catholics throughout the world to rediscover and share with others the precious gift of faith. 

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                            St. Brigid's High School, Armagh


            Student Workshop: Catholic Education – The Vision

Since the launch of the Vision initiative in September 2006, Catholic managed schools
throughout Northern Ireland have been engaging in a number of workshops, discussion sessions,staff training programmes and celebrations each aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the rich and distinctive nature and ethos of Catholic education.  

Year 11 students at St. Brigid’s High School, Armagh spent a day looking at how
their school lives out its commitment to being a Catholic school and how they could
effectively communicate this to the rest of their school community.

The day started with a prayer service which focused on responding to Christ’s call to
ive in friendship and community with others.


To facilitate and encourage open discussion as well as easing the students into the
activities of the day the workshop began with the “Bean Bag Challenge.” This simple
game of catch and coordination was extremely useful in assisting the students with the
concept of being receptive to another’s opinion, team work and co-operation.

Following the guidance notes and resource materials as found in the
“Catholic Education – The Vision” manual pages 46-50,  the students quickly settled into
examining the various aspects of how their school reflects the Vision statement through its daily activities. 


After lunch the students spent time in the IT suite putting together
power point presentations showing how St. Brigid’s High School responds to reflecting itself as a school that is: 

A Community of  Faith, Service, Prayer and Worship;                      

Developing each person’s full potential;                       

Enriching pupil life;                       

Promoting global awareness and concern for others;                       

Promoting listening, mutual understanding and reconciliation;                       

Preparing pupils to lead fulfilling and purposeful lives which will contribute to the Common Good.        


Tremendous energy, enthusiasm, commitment and creativity from the students was evident throughout this session. There followed a plenary session with the students delivering their power point presentations.                                       

It is envisaged that the students’ work will be used as a springboard for further action on
promoting and highlighting the Catholic ethos of the school.

In recognition of the valuable contributions made throughout the day each student was presented with a certificate of merit. 

To view a copy of the certificate of merit click here

The following words are a sample of some of the ways the students expressed how they
 experienced the ethos and Christ inspired spirit of their school.  


"This school is a place of love and forgiveness. It respects us and assists us
in trying our best."
"In our school we learn about beliefs and culture and how to live as a Catholic."
"Our school is  a community."
"Our school teaches us right from wrong."
"Our school helps us to develop and reach our potential through:   
Good Teaching      High Standards      Work Experience       Careers"
"The school gives support to those who have learning difficulties.
The teachers are good. They encourage us to do our best."
"Our school uses good teaching methods and rewards hard work and good behaviour."