Year of Faith 2012 - 2013

Pope Benedict XVI has set aside a special year for Catholics throughout the world to rediscover and share with others the precious gift of faith. 

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The theme for Catholic Education Week 2008 is "Living Faith Fully"

This year Cardinal Sean Brady has requested that Catholic Education Week flow from Education in Faith Sunday. In this way there will be the opportunity for a national focus and celebration of Catholic education.

The dates are:

Education in Faith Sunday:         26th/ 27th January 2008.

Catholic Education Week:           28th January – 3rd February 2008.

The CGCE and the Irish Catechetics Commission will be working in partnership on this venture. There will be a joint poster produced and distributed throughout Ireland for use in parishes and schools.

In terms of resources:  The Consultative Group for Catholic Education(CGCE) will produce resource materials for schools that will be available online from their website

The Irish Catechectics Commission will produce liturgical resource materials for use in home, school and parish on their website

Both organisations will signpost the others website for the sharing of resources.

All schools have received emails about these arrangements. 

Schools are invited to contribute ideas and suggestions for Catholic Education Week through the website.

CGCE intend to produce a CD Rom prayer service that will be available online for schools to use as part of their celebrations for Catholic Education Week. There will be a version for primary and post-primary schools.

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